Everything started here, on the land of Murgia. Hard, impenetrable, but capable of great charm. In 1986, Carlo Conte put all of his know-how, his audacity, his technical knowledge, into those corners and he transformed it into the largest industrial Group processing raw materials intended for comfort and relaxation. And so, the entreprenurial dream of the Conte Group began. Hand in hand, as the company grows, so are two brands: GoldenNight and Conte Bed, synonymous with comfort and quality internationally, and the leader in the production of the highest quality mattresses and beds, with more than 40,000 meters of industrial plant, 70 employees, and 2 showrooms larger than 1,000 square meters, and a production capacity of 600 mattresses a day. The years pass, and Mr. Conte’s son, Ferdinando, begins to work next to his father.
Father and son, synonymous with craftsmanship and innovation.
Together, they have brought their brands’ Made in Italy to become a guarantee of the highest quality manufacturing. Both are passionate and tireless, because being a leader does not just mean to be able
to drive, it also means, above all, to be able to encourage the individual’s attitudes to become part of a larger, shared, feeling project, since the Conte Group is a family first, before being a company. The quality and manufacture of their products brought the brands GoldenNight and Conte Bed to an international level. Conte’s expansion continues globally, thanks to various innovative patents and the highest quality of their products.

Conte Group export to more than 30 countries worldwide with the new openings of Gallery Point and Flagshipstore.

Italy and Puglia remain the heart of the entire production, as the engine of everything remains, the skilled hands of specialized workers who have worked and work for the company to grow by maintaining its own high quality standards on every single product.

All this becomes a solid guarantee for all those who choose to trust the Conte Group. There is nothing more important for Carlo and Ferdinando Conte than their customers’ satisfaction. Like never before, mattresses and beds –not only words- are guaranteee for well being, comfort, and dreams.

They are our company.

40.000 mq of productive space

Our company is located in Italy and has about 20,000 sq. m. of space which houses the entire production process, from research and development to packaging. For over 30 years we have worked to ensure the comfort for all our customers.

Made in Italy Ideas and Products

For over 30 years, our ideas and our products take shape in Italy. We support the culture of Italian handcraft, recognized worldwide for its qualities and excellences.

We innovate to simplify

Our designers are constantly looking for new solutions that simplify everyday life through our products.

Located in over 30 countries

The Conte Bed products, made in Italy, are exported to over 30 countries around the world, ensuring high reliability from production to postsales.