GoldenNight and Conte-Bed reinterpret nature and the forest with their new Fuori Salone 2017 collection


 GoldenNight and Conte-Bed reinterpret nature and the forest

with their new Fuori Salone 2017 collection.

The forest, nature and Earth are symbols of protection, refuge and sanctuary. This is the essence of WOOD MOOD, the new collection by GoldenNight and Conte-Bed that will premiere at the Brera Design District on April 4-9 in the Temporary Showroom located on via Solferino, 37.

GoldenNight, a company founded in Puglia in 1986, specializes in making products you can relax in. A few years ago, the company continued its natural evolution with the launch of the brand Conte-Bed to expand the range of products it could offer, including a complete and unique bed system, both in terms of style and design, and focused on the values of quality and customization.

The company embodies and has based its identity on the Made in Italy certification, which has allowed the company to establish itself and maintain its uniquely Italian identity in more than thirty countries around the world with collections that offer bed accessories, chairs and other furnishings.

Each year since 2015, GoldenNight and Conte-Bed have presented at the Milan Furniture Fair to exhibit how their knowledge of tradition and craftsmanship perfectly and harmoniously interweaves with style, elegance and innovative design. For 2017, they’re offering a preview of the Fuori Salone collection in a welcoming and unique location in the heart of Brera. The collection provides a multi-sensory journey inspired by the magic and charm of nature.


The WOOD MOOD installation created by GoldenNight and Conte-Bed with designer Joe Garzone – the creative team that won the “Best of Design 2016” award by Elle Decor Italia for the Louis bed – have taken advantage of this beautiful setting to present three new beds from the collection: Hugs, Marie and Paris.

The different looks of the three beds clearly illustrate the wide range of styles offered by the company, all in keeping with the company’s foundation of style and quality raw materials (oak and walnut).

Ferdinando Conte, General Manager: “The WOOD MOOD collection comes from the desire of GoldenNight to continue the growth and evolution that first began in 2015 with the unveiling of the Conte-Bed line, which transformed the GoldenNight company from a company that simply provided relaxation products into one of the few countries in Europe that provides a complete bedroom system that includes everything from soft leather beds and upholstered armchairs to complementary furnishings and accessories that cater to the tastes and trends emerging from new international markets where our brand has been successfully established.

Our solid wood beds are handmade, embellished with carving details, and quilting, brass and leather finishings, all conceived and designed by architect and designer Garzone: “When you work with such an important, living and inflexible material like wood, the work is never the same from one piece to the next: each piece of wood is diverse and unique and each final product tells a completely original story.

The vibrant emotions exuded by GoldenNight and Conte-Bed’s WOOD MOOD collection were achieved through hard work, passion and perfectionism. You can feel that emotion as you walk through the Brera Design District’s Temporary Showroom. It’s a truly unique experience. Even the famous fragrance brand CULTI Milano took part in the project by draping Conte-Bed’s refined pieces in its evocative and elegant fragrances of nature, wood and the forest.

“A scent can express the story, personality and emotions of those who choose it. When creating its fragrances, CULTI Milano finds inspiration in how atmospheres, landscapes and sensations are interpreted. It’s an imaginary journey through the senses invoked by the sublime and evocative power of scent.” (CULTI Milano Communications Office)


GoldenNight and Conte-Bed welcomed the sophisticated CULTI Milano brand into their showroom located at via Solferino, 37 to create a wonderful multi-sensory installation with music, scents, visual beauty and materials that come together like an ethereal symphony.

During Design Week (April 4-9, 2017), the company is pleased to invite their guests to the Cocktail Party on Thursday, April 6 at 7:00 p.m. The evening will include a reception and live music to set the tone for the new and impressive WOOD MOOD collection.